Increasingly we want our homes to be a place of sanctuary from busy demanding lives. It is understandable therefore, that the general trend in home decor appears to be focused on making them more comfortable, embracing, reassuring and creating a general feeling of well-being – intending to make the most of the little precious time we spend in our homes. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Danish Hygge influence was so prominent throughout last year.

Hygge Factor

The Hygge factor seems to have been written about more than any other trend in 2016. It is the Danish ethos of well-being which dominated the interiors world in the winter of 2016 and almost the antithesis of the industrial trend which had been dominant. It seems as if Hygge is here to stay but it will be interesting to see how the seemingly winter trend of creating cosy and warm environments will translate into the summer interiors of 2017. Some sceptics may well find the trend to be simply a fad and easily dismiss it as a passing winter trend. However signs show that there may be something more lasting about this movement. Taking its ethos of good quality Scandinavian design, its functionality, simplicity and beauty all may prove to give it a degree of longevity.


With the popularity of Hygge, the Scandinavian influences of warm whites and greys seems here to stay. Together with the cool greys and warm whites synonymous with this style however, we will see people using warmer tones to liven up their homes. Colours appear to be moving from pink and blue pastels to darker, richer jewel colours such as ameythyst, jade and sapphire, inspired by the galaxy, base metals and nature. Voyage Couture’s current range, for example demonstrates this with its Alchamy Lustre collection which offers Galatea, Sitara and Illuminar in the range.


Nebula Midnight Wall Art, £25/m; Metis Platinum Cushion, £57; Galatea Midnight Cushion, £49; Beckett 2.5 Seater Sofa in Vellamo Sapphire, £2332
All taken from the Voyage Alchemy Collection
Voyage Maison – www.voyagemaison.co.uk – 0141 641 1700
Voyage Decorationwww.voyagedecoration.co.uk – 0141 641 1700

Other colours touted to be very popular in 2017 are the warmer earthy tones of mustard and olive green which go well with cool greys. Dark green appears to be taking over from the navy blue which was a firm favourite in 2016.

Personality seems to be the major factor this year with the trend in individual bespoke unique homes and paint colours are no exception. One paint company has divided its new range into three palettes, Confident, Composed and Comfortable with the premise being that you choose your paint depending on your personality type. Creative, social people leaning more toward the Confident, whereas the Composed palette are more traditionalist with the Comfortable range for the more introverted decorator.


Another trend coming to the fore this year is texture. Using texture to create interest where previously colour may have been used. This introduces a new element to a room and can create interest without the room looking too busy or cluttered.

This also ties in with the trend which has been emerging recently of feminist decor – a trend for textures and softness in everything from bed linen to throws and rugs. Small additions of ruffs or embroidery are added giving a more feminine and softer look. There is also a leaning toward more rounded feminine shapes in home decor with furniture losing its sharp edges. Walls of cork and terracotta also feature heavily in design for this year.



The trend for bespoke pieces of pottery and sculpture to personalize our homes continues. However as it appears Brexit is highly likely to increase the price of most imported goods, it is expected that much more of these pieces will be bought locally from high skilled artisans selling unique items. Indoor plants and fake foliage are out this year with more emphasis on cut flowers and greenery.

Mixing metals is still very on trend but can be overwhelming if not done with care. Especially the highly polished brass and rose gold appears to be on the wane. When mixing the metals using more subdued natural tones which blend together well and using them in the right proportions is still very much on trend into the New Year. They also bounce the light around the room in the evening creating a calming environment.



The days of identikit, ‘out of the box’ kitchens are perhaps coming to an end. Increasingly people are looking to introduce their own personality into one of the most important rooms in the house. Trends seem to be moving in two directions.

One is mixing different styles and finishes of cabinetry and worktops. Whereas it has been a common trend for the past couple of years to use different colours on, say an island rather than painting all the cabinetry furniture the same but now the trend seems to be to use different styles and finishes perhaps using oak or beech together with traditional painted cabinets. The mixing of colour and finish adds an additional layer of interest and can also add texture and warmth and achieve a much more bespoke tailored look in the kitchen. A twist on this mix and match kitchen style is to incorporate a kitchen into rooms where they may not classically sit – an architecturally classic setting fitted with a very contemporary kitchen for example.

Another main trend in kitchens which appears to be continuing in popularity is frameless, seamless cabinets. Keeping the design clean, simple and free from too many distracting lines creates great symmetry and produces very calm spaces which work equally well for both small and larger kitchens.



The trend for geometric tiles on splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms is declining. Also on the decline seems to be the popularity of the subway tile. These tiles were very popular due to their practicality and affordability but they seem to be on the way out this year in favour of the smaller ‘finger’ sized tiles.

There are many external factors which will affect our homes in the future – increase in home technology, virtual reality interior design, reassessment of open-plan spaces, rise of the home office to name a few but the best way to make your house feel warm and welcoming is to fill it with beautiful things that have meaning to you.

There are many trends which you can pick and choose from this coming year but the best way to make you house a comfortable beautiful home is to just do what you love, this way you will never be out of style.