Bring Love Into The Home

All Year Round

Valentine’s day; the day of all things love, and ultimate romance; well supposedly! The day we dream about spending with our truest loves. A day celebrated worldwide, as an appreciation for those that we love. Our romantic other halves. Everything to do with this day is about: love, and amorousness. The day has been glamorised through its commercialization, and businesses and organisations thrive off making profit from this day. But Valentine’s day is not all about red roses, and “I love you” cards. It can be brought into interiors too. You at home, can create the perfect abode, that welcomes love into your home all year round!


Photo: Amazing Interior Design

This is my how to guide on how to bring Valentine’s day and love into your home, making it the perfect place to share special moments with loved ones.


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Photo: Noxdawood design

Ignite Conversation

Firstly, many of us associate love with the colour: red. Of course, red represents hearts and adoration and all things loving. Red is known psychologically to spark adrenaline and increase blood pressure, which some may argue is a great thing for the home. However, others can find the colour red uninviting and daunting. As a result, I am not merely suggesting that you paint a whole ROOM with a bold, statement red. But begin to introduce red features, or furnishings into your home. Which will bring elements of desire into your home. Ultimately creating the perfect love nest. Red sofas, chairs or tables, can all create the desired ambience, not just for romantic days but for those who prefer an added spark to their homes. Red can be used to make an impact within your home. Red in this much simpler form can be seen as a stimulus, creating a fun atmosphere and prompt an interesting focus of conversation.


Photo: Jennifer Brouwer Design


Add Features And Some Candle Zen

Adding features that represent love will successfully bring love into the home. Us as humans are influenced by what surrounds us. A real fan of mine is the bohemian trend. The introduction of stone hearts, or patchwork cushions will make a house feel like a home. Similarly, another feature associated with romance are candles. Candles appear in houses all over the world. People can spend hundreds on the “perfect” candle. Candles stimulate relaxation and create a zen like ambience within the home.


Photo: Desire Empire

Lettering, was also a prominent trend of 2016 interiors. Bringing words into the home, influence the people around them. They can inspire, and impact people. By bringing the word love into your home, you will ignite an atmosphere full of warmth, love and joy. If you will be spending your valentine’s day at home, perhaps cooking a meal for a loved one. You can create the desired effect in your dining room too. “flowers are a girl’s best friend”. Yes, I know the real saying is “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but honestly, who doesn’t love receiving a glorious, bunch of flowers? Bring flowers inside, and invite nature inside. Natural forestry in the home has historically represented virtue and peace. A peaceful atmosphere in the home is what many of us desire. Create a room that can be used for relaxation, and a place to remember all the good things in life, and leave life’s stresses at the door.

Relight The Fire

For all the singletons out there. If you are spending valentine’s day with friends (life’s real soulmates). Cuddled up on the sofa, watching a movie. Then you can create the perfect relaxation room for you and your friends. As we are still witness to the blistering cold weather, whack that fire on. A roaring fire can be heart-warming, and promote ultimate serenity within the home. Nothing to me represents home, more than sitting beside a blazing fire. I look forward to Winter days, where this can happen.

With your friends, get all the blankets and cushions from your house downstairs in front of the TV, and get the biggest tub of ice cream for you all to enjoy. A day for you all to appreciate one another, and remember how important friendships are to us in life. Friends really do make the world go around. Laugh the night away with your truest friends in your cosy abode.


Photo:My Scandinavian Home

There are many ways in which we can bring love into the home, not only just for Valentine’s day. A home should represent love consistently. There are so many wonderful parts of a home that can be ignored or overlooked. We are so busy with our everyday lives; we forget to truly appreciate the ones we love. The most vital, intricate part to bringing love into the home is via the ones we love. Homes that burst with pride, and laughter are the true jewels. They are the ones that are beaming full of the truest love.

Whether, it is your family home that has the fondest of memories, the first home you share with your partner or one shared with friends. Remember the importance of the ones we hold close to our heart. On valentine’s day, it does not have to all be about romance. Simply, just take time to reflect. Reflect on the love we have for those surrounding us. Appreciate what people do for you, and spread love and happiness to all. And don’t forget to let this show in the way your home is designed.

Valentine’s day, a day to appreciate, a day to love, and a day to be loved.