Forms deliver accessories that make you stop and look twice from the sheer amazement of these truly unique designs. These beautiful pieces are hand crafted by Form’s designer and founder Anastasia Komarova, who uses her knowledge in architecture to bring an extra touch of magic to each design. Founded in 2011, Forms has found it’s way into the digital pages of Vogue, Paper Magazine and Glamour. Anastasia ‘s designs always push the known boundaries of accessory design, with bold colours and mesmerising textures that leave you lusting for the next collection. DIFORM wanted a glimpse into the world of Anastasia, read below and find out what we had the luxury of discovering as we delved into the mind on Anastasia Komarova.


From her latest collection Set_03

Images supplied by Forms

What’s your favourite season in Moscow?

Anastasia: I think the best time in Moscow is the late spring. Moscow is not a sunny city, especially in the winter season, but in spring and summer it is one of the best cities to see.

How did Forms grow into the label it is today?

Anastasia: It’s a pleasure to see something that starts as a hobby grow into a fashion label. There wouldn’t be any results without support from my friends and people who love Forms. I started experimenting with small objects while I studied in an architectural school. I felt strong desire to make something smaller than architecture, but with the same aesthetic. Making bags was a spontaneous decision, but it was an absolutely new and intriguing field for me at the time.

From her latest collection Set_03

Images supplied by Forms

Forms main aesthetic is architecture, how do you translate this into your designs?

Anastasia: In all my designs I am trying to use the approach that I employ in my architectural projects. My main goal is to make accessories that will look out of scale. To execute the final scale and size of the pieces I mock up each design and work out the textures to get the feeling that it can be unscaled and can work well in different surroundings.

Favourite piece (or pieces) Forms has designed so far?

Anastasia: My favourite piece is from my first collection. It is the brown coloured clutch with crosses. The main inspirational theme was French architecture, especially Le Corbusier with his project  “Plan Voisin”.  Now I feel  that this design is a signature of Forms. It represents the essential concept of the brand and will go through all collections.

How is a Forms piece made?

Anastasia: It is a relatively complicated process. Especially when you are working with leather. It takes a long time to get a deep and detailed understanding of the production process. Basically, the production consists of the texture preparation and the main bags compilation.

From her latest collection Set_03

Images supplied by Forms

Favourite fashion designer and why?

Anastasia: It changes along with my researches. For now, my favourite is Rei Kawakubo, especially in the early 80’s. I like the way she brings her concepts to life, and her design aesthetic.

Tell us about your latest collection

Anastasia: The main idea of the new Forms collection is the play, which gives you the ability to wear one bag in different ways. You can manage the way the bag looks according to your current mood and situation. It can be an ongoing process that will allow you to explore new possibilities of how your bags can look like.

Top 3 places you love in Moscow

Anastasia: It’s hard to choose places that are my favourites because there are a lot of interesting spots. For me the best part is the historical centre. My favorite places are the park next to the Novodevichy Monastery, the Patriarshiye Ponds, the Kitay-gorod area.

From her latest collection Set_03

Images supplied by Forms

Why accessories over clothing?

Anastasia: In the beginning I had the desire to make something that can be worn, and that can at the same time look independently cogent by itself. I am also interested in doing some project with clothes. I think it will be a new and interesting experience for Forms.

What’s next for Forms Studio?

Anastasia: At the moment we are working on a couple street art projects. The result of this work can already be seen in some spots in Manhattan. Also, our near future plans include several collaborative projects. And of course the new collection – that process is among the most interesting and unpredictable. It will include new research, new experiments, and nobody knows where they will get us.

With such unforgettable accessories and highly design-focused pieces and we wait with high anticipation for the next collection. The idea that there may also be a clothing line leaves us with utter excitement and we intend to keep a very close eye on this particular label in the future.
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