A luxuriously decorated home speaks a lot about you. It showcases your immaculate taste, unique personality, character and your status. This means that there should be no compromises made when it comes to searching for elite furniture and state-of-art accessories. A house becomes a home only when it’s furnished with one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personality the best. Fortunately, these days, there are plenty of luxury brands designing amazing homeware collections that can easily take your breath away. We’ve searched through this pile for you and found some amazing high-end designer collections you’ll love.


“Flora” by Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak

This London-based designer has created a fabulous homeware collection named “Flora”. The collection includes furniture and lighting that preserve decorative patterns of flowers in resin. It’s an entirely different take on the floral motif, since it contains actual flowers sourced from local markets and stalls. The petals are set in black resin which prevents warping and drying. The combination of black and gold is the staple of homeware elegance, and each piece looks amazing, but the most striking piece is by far the low coffee table made of solid brass.


Furniture Line by Gloria Cortina

Gloria Cortina

Let’s face it: Everything this amazing designer puts on the market is extraordinary. Her first furniture exhibition that took place near the end of the previous year at Manhattan’s taste-making Cristina Grajales Gallery was a sight for sore eyes. Start with the crafted brass cocktail table she used to adorn her living room and go to the cabinet covered in 17 layers of black lacquer and garnished with the bronze inlay that resembles the impact of a bullet. The designer used obsidian, bronze and quartz in her collection and just one piece from it is enough to change the appearance of the house’s interior.


Timothy Oulton’s “Ultralounge” Collection

Timothy Oulton

Although Timothy Oulton’s 2017 collection is all about total relaxation and unpretentious elegance, there are quite a few extra luxurious pieces that could enhance the home of even the most avid luxury-devotee out there. Experts in decorating will enjoy the featherweight version of the traditional chandelier, “The Inception” coffee table inspired by the ‘70’s infinity mirrors, a side table crafted from a single piece of solid blue glass, “Meta table lamp” handcrafted from black and white marble, and a leather “Gatsby” sofa that takes you straight to the roaring ‘20’s.


“English Crafts” by Christopher Jenner

Christopher Jenner

This South-African born designer has a lot going for him now. He has designed for many brands, from perfumers to bathroom companies. His reinterpretation of Beaux-Arts style which he describes as “high-tech manga-style Edwardian architecture values” made him a breakthrough in Singapore. What we’re most interested in, however, is the “English Crafts” collection that includes a tea set with wooden detailing, vases whose geometry changes as they extrude, rush weaved chair and the crystal Lighthouse lamp.


“Undae” by Victor Castanera

Victor Castanera

The young Spanish product designer creates expressive objects influenced by Mediterranean culture. The “Undae” collection is one of the finest examples of his work, focusing on the beauty of imperfection and diversity. The handmade items represent sea waves, each different from the other. The white resin is mixed with sawdust and wood flour to mimic the sand texture. The collection includes a table, board, vase and a cup. Each of them is a perfect addition to a home striving for simple undisputed elegance.


“Objects Nomades” by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

It has become common for famous fashion giants to branch out into interior design and homeware. We have seen Ralph Lauren’s Downtown Modern line and Armani’s furniture, so why wouldn’t we then take a look at Louis Vuitton’s luxurious collection? “Objets Nomades” is a result of cooperation between the brand and renowned designers such as Marcel Wanders, Maarten Baas and Patricia Urquiola. The highlights of the collection include a chaise longue, a hanging egg-shaped chair, a bell-shaped lamp and a lust-worthy hammock.

All of these collections are very different from each other, yet they have one thing in common: they reflect luxury in its finest form. Choosing some of the beautifully crafted pieces from these designers can only show your impeccable taste.