Focused on the reality of ageism and ancient Japanese practices, Beachwood Coyotes teach the art of ‘Discipline’ in their new single.


Beachwood Coyote


The Ancient Japanese Samurai were revered for many of their attributes; many of which can still be applied to modern day life with discipline being one of the frontrunners. In modern ideology, there is a pervasive mentality for the desire to achieve one’s goals without putting in the necessary effort and study required to do so. With roughly only 20 hours worth of practice, one can become functionally pretty good at any given skill, however, to truly become a master requires the equivalent of around 10,000 hours worth of concentrated practice. The Samurai were exceptional examples of self-discipline through their practicing, studying, and training. They understood long ago that in order to achieve excellence in mastery, this constant attention was required in their art without ever giving up or losing enthusiasm. Regardless of what area of life one wishes to improve, discipline is essential, as, without it, the focus is lost. In their latest single release, ‘Discipline’, Beachwood Coyotes explore the reality of ageism with growth and learning through self-reflection in an expressive and psychedelic sound all their own.




We previously featured a Face To Face with Beachwood Coyotes and their ever-evolving sound, which is highly indicative of their ability to capture their fans with something new on each track they release. When talking about their own influences, the band says, “We listen to everything from The Beach Boys to Jay Z. Lately I’ve been really into Rex Orange County – I love how he mixes indie rock with jazz/soul/hip-hop without it feeling like every song is a different artist.” Continuing to see their success from their previous single ‘Face To Face’ by releasing their newest single, ‘Discipline’ is produced by Austen Moret and is a uniquely psychedelic mixture of ethereal backing vocals, throbbing bass lines, and shimmering synthesizers. Moret seamlessly blended samples and electronic elements into the arrangements and incorporated a wide variety of influences including hip-hop, hard rock, jazz/funk and even some barbershop quartet, that pushed the band’s music into a whole new territory, proving their sound is definitely evolving. According to the band, the inspiration behind ‘Discipline’, “Came from drinking too much and being ridiculously irresponsible when I was drinking that much…and finding clarity in “taking it easy” – The lyrics are very straightforward and somewhat shocking.”



Wanting to go further into the minds of a band who’ve experienced a lot, I asked them if there was a single message that they would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that they would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why they thought that message was so important, the band responds, “Study up on both self-awareness and empathy. There are too many horrible, ignorant people in this world. Just turn on the news.” Wise words for sure, as many modern day issues could be solved with a little more empathy and compassion.