There comes a time in our lives when we decide to dress better. However, no matter whether we choose to go with smart clothes combos or casual to formal ones, it is not important for us to have many clothing pieces, infinite combinations and designer clothes. No. What we must do is make a list of everything we need and try to find the most minimalistic approach to making certain combinations. Not only is it easier, but it’s also more fashionable. Simple, minimalistic pieces will always be trendy. So, if you could choose only 5 pieces to have in your wardrobe which ones should you choose?




Choosing tops is quite easy as you can choose anything you like. Again, going with neutral, minimalistic and simple pieces is probably best, as they allow you to accessorize more easily, but you can also choose certain patterned shirts or t-shirts. Make sure you have single-coloured t-shirts though, so that you can match them with your jeans and thus make numerous combinations (that will probably differ depending on the shoes or accessories). However, let’s not forget the plain, white shirts – those are the little black dress for men; everyone must have at least one.



As far as the bottoms are concerned, choosing neutral colours is always the best way to go. Jeans are definitely an obligatory item in your wardrobe (preferably darker ones), but also make sure you have chino pants and shorts for the summer. Since this presents the biggest part of your outfit combination, make sure you choose the colours wisely. Don’t exaggerate with buying red and green jeans, for example. If you opt for darker (or sometimes lighter) denim ones the combinations with other pieces will be limitless. Never choose a patterned pair of trousers if you’re into minimalism – they are difficult to match, and even if you manage, it can backfire. You don’t want to look circusy, do you?



Naturally, you should always start with shoes. They represent a very important part of the outfit, so make sure to choose them wisely. Also, you should have a pair of shoes for every occasion – formal shoes, winter shoes, sneakers, comfortable shoes such as mens Birkenstock. If you have a pair of ordinary white sneakers, great job, since these can upgrade any outfit combination, sometimes even the formal ones. For summer, you can choose boat shoes as they are very popular, while for winter equip yourself with nice leather boots. Make sure to pair the formal shoes you have with the accessories – for example, a brown leather belt and a watch combined with the same nuance of brown shoes can go perfectly with a navy-blue suit.





Suits – also known as the only pieces of clothing Big from “Sex and the City” had in his wardrobe. Even though a suit most commonly comprises of trousers and a jacket, each suit is regarded as a single unit in your wardrobe (we will hopefully not wear them separately as it is a sin). Once you decide to buy a suit, go for a tailored one. Tailored custom suits are always the best option, as they follow your build and body shape perfectly. A nice, elegant suit is a must for any guy out there – it’s the best piece for formal events, but you can also wear it to the office. Once again, the combinations with shirts can be infinite – choose white or light blue ones for formal parties, while on other events you can even go a bit crazy with a patterned shirt. Just make sure that the colour of your suit matches your shoes and belt.



There’s no need to have a lot of these in your wardrobe, but it is important to have a formal and an informal one. For formal events, the best option would be a black or a navy blue coat. Since you won’t be wearing this during the entire winter, you can easily extend its life to a couple of years. As for the other jackets – choose a light one for autumn and spring, and a thicker, winter one. The best colours are the neutral ones – such as beige, brown, grey or black.


Creating a minimalistic wardrobe is, firstly, not difficult to create at all, and secondly, a great and an always fashionable option. Remember this, and the next time you go shopping – choose only the minimalistic pieces.