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Arms Akimbo enchant us with their latest EP Seven Dollar Paycheck

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Gritty and effervescent, Arms Akimbo just released their latest EP entitled Seven Dollar Paycheck. The highly relatable five track release continues to detail young adulthood, the anxiety but also thrilling wonderment of coming of age in an uncertain world. Thematically, the release details a strong desire to fuel creative energy while also struggling to make ends meet.

The first track off of Seven Dollar Paycheck entitled “Paycheck” showcases grit driven soundscapes of grungy guitars and pulsating drums. With raw impassioned vocals it’s an ode to the bandmates, but also an examination of a societal need to justify happiness. “Silly conversations with strangers where we just talk about career advancement and alter our reality with substance, or try to convince yourself your happy while telling someone else ‘everything’s great’ is weekly event for me,” confides Peter Schrupp. It’s a testament to that sinking fear of stagnancy.

Next on the EP they slow things down with “Nirvana”. Featuring swampy electric guitars and a smooth silken vocal tone it details the little things we ignore when we’re in a relationship with someone we know is wrong for us. It’s so simple to become complacent because we are afraid of change. Singing “you know how much it hurts to let this go because you know somebody’s got it worse,” it’s the feeling that your issues aren’t worth addressing because they seem small.

Arms Akimbo

Another compelling song off of Seven Dollar Paycheck is the vibrant garage rock tune “Cruel Lovers” With energized vocals atop deep vibrations resonating throughout, the track is an illustration of a relationship in disarray. It’s about pleading for things to work out while also understanding the constant state of conflict you’re in.

Closing the EP is the soft and gentle styling of “Pitchfork”. Written on a drive back to LA from Austin the band were faced with a strong sense of dread that comes with finishing a tour. The song acts as a heartfelt letter to the band and loved ones back home. Explaining, it may not be the easiest path we’ve chosen, but it’s the right one.

Los Angeles indie outfit Arms Akimbo consists of Chris Kalil (vox/guitar), Peter Schrupp (vox/guitar), Matt Sutton (drums) and Colin Boppell (vox/bass). Forming at Loyola Marymount University, they developed an instant bond sharing similar music tastes. Arms Akimbo rapidly generated a fanbase that helped them sell out increasingly larger venues in their hometown.

Striving to make a name for themselves while their dreams may seem maddeningly out of reach is a continuous theme throughout this astonishing EP which makes it resonate so well with listeners. Enjoy Seven Dollar Paycheck.

Arms Akimbo