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Energetic Driven Rhythms And Catchy Chorus American Authors Take A Stand


Most recognisable for their hit single “Best Day of My Life”, American Authors are back and making waves with their latest album. Entitled Seasons the ten-track release translates seasonal cycles of change into gritty alternative anthems and each cycle impacts and inspires growth.

Blending pop, high-spirited rock and a hip-hop boom, this genre-blurring record is a departure from American Authors past work. The Brooklyn-based four-piece includes Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums]. Together they are constantly moving forward and progressing and their aptly titled album Seasons is an expression of just that. Showcasing a near decade long journey into a dynamic and definitive offering, the quartet displays an airtight song-craft with their raw, rock sound.

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The album begins with “Stay Around”, an energetic clap-driven rhythm, amplified by a groundswell of synths, resonating guitars and pounding drums — and an unwavering falsetto at the chorus, “I hope you stay around…when you see me at my worst.” Barnett reveals, “It’s about calling on friends and loved ones in your life to help you get out of tough times” he continues, “It’s really difficult for me to open up and let others in my life as far as my troubles and problems are concerned. You’ve got to be able to confide in those closest to you though. On the song, I’m opening up and admitting I’m not perfect, but showing I can be better.”

The album’s stand out track is the gospel-infused “Say Amen” featuring Billy Raffoul. Highlighting raspy vocals atop ruckus guitars and static soundscapes, “Say Amen” details yearning to go back to a simpler time before it all fell apart.

“Calm Down” possesses powerful piano chords and cheering melodies, the song soars with swift vocals. The catchy chorus comes with a confession, revealing just how much you need someone. “It’s not easy to do, but it’s important.” Sanchez explains.

The album ends on a weaker note with “Before I Go” and “Real Place” failing to pack the same punch or have the same spirited passion as the record’s other tracks. Overall however, American Authors have managed to create a strong solid album just as good, if not better than their first.

Seasons is out now via Island Records, stream it below.