…I’m the tough-nosed, kind of guy.

– John Damroth 

The Actor

John Damroth is a New York based actor who brings an element of intensity, drive and determination to all his roles.

John was born in the Bronx, New York and is one of four adopted children. From very early on in life, he learned what it meant to care about the less fortunate and learned how to appreciate everything whilst still lending help to those who may be in need of support. He describes his adoptive parents as “two of the most selfless people who gave me a chance in this life.” If you ask him what type he thinks he is, he responds with this, “I’m the tough-nosed, kind of guy. The one who guards his heart of gold to accomplish his personal mission to protect the needs of many at all cost.”

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Earlier on in his life he joined the United States Marine Corps and also served as the CEO of a 501c charity that helped underprivileged children. Though proud to have served as a Marine, getting the chance to bring joy to thousands of children from shelters and organizations through his charity work will forever be embedded into his heart. He became interested in the arts by trying to reproduce pictures and comic books in drawings, sketches and paintings as a child. In his early teenage years, he also found his passion in performing, which lead him to acting in school plays and community theatre and which eventually brought him to film and television acting roles. Since leaving the corporate world, he has been a full-time SAG-AFTRA Union actor and producer in the entertainment business. With a great deal of opportunities, he formed Lightning Star Entertainment Group with his partners Noel Torres, Gail King and Shelly Cohen.

With 26 acting credits on IMDb, John has played various roles in movies and TV series, the most recent being The Power of Knowing, Courier X, Blindspot, The Blacklist, just to mention a few. He is currently filming in Nightswimming and Demonico. Both are scheduled to be released in 2017.



The Motivational Speaker


“Dreams, Desire, Drive and Determination. Combine them and you are unstoppable!”

–  John Damroth


To add to his bow, he enjoys being a motivational and inspirational speaker while finding ways to encourage people as well as help others to realize their potential and follow their dreams. As many are aware the film industry is a relationship business and actors are not only chosen by their acting talent but also considering what kind of a person they are and how they would get along with the rest of the cast and crew during many months of filming and, at times, stressful situations. All things being equal as far as acting talent is concerned, a formidable human being in addition to acting talent will always be the winner in any audition.

Director Tyrik “Keyz” Washington Emmy Award Winner, 7 time Emmy Award Nominee and Director, The Power Of Knowing describes him best as “one of a kind genuine authenticity and dedication to the craft.”

You can follow and learn more about John Damroth from his website via the links below.

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