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Achtand Spring/Summer 2014 “Prinzhorn’s Finches” hand-dyed bomber jacket

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Named after a mythical queen, unique details and luxurious textiles are what Achtland proud themselves for in each of their designs. Founded in 2011 Achtland (that translates into Eight Country) is one of the most promising Berlin labels ever since their highly loved début. The two creative minds behind Achtalnd is Oliver Lühr und Thomas Bentz, with a vision for high end wear for Berlin their label is making its mark in the fashion industry. Both designers were soaking up experience in London for nine years, where Oliver studied at Central Saint Martins that helped them in creating their innovative creations along with his work within Chloe and Balenciaga design houses. In an interview with Oliver and Thomas talked about their choice to keep the label based in Berlin Berlin and its fashion scene are going to grow up and it’s exciting to be a part of it.” (Read the full Interview here)

The Achtland design identity is coming to fruition with just two years after their launch, their collections are known for their individual inspirations. Most of the design stimuli would seem complex when blended together but when presented on the runway the designs are calm and collective with a strong eye catching quality. As Still in Berlin writer Mary Scherpe found out, their inspiration behind their Spring Summer 2014 collection “Prinzhorn Finiches” was “Sammlung Prinzhorn in Heidelberg, a huge collection of artworks made by mentally ill people, as well as a book about cultured finches.” (Read the full review of the collection on Still in Berlin here) “Prinzhorn Finiches” displayed soothing blues and yellows inspired by show birds with delicate floral embroidery seen on dresses and tops.

Prinzhorn's Finches - Still In Berlin

Model walk catwalk Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin in Achtland Show wearing Spring Summer 2014 “Prinzhorn’s Finches” collection

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Designs showcase the delicate details that Achtland love to create

Images sourced from Achtland’s Website

Featured in Vogue Italia, Elle and in Refinery 29’s 10 best new designers to know their three collections are creating a buzzing sensation in the fashion industry. The previous Spring Summer 2013 collection highlighted their love for luxurious details, with the inspiration coming from the ocean’s underwater life; it’s sea creatures and aqua colorations. It was their discovery of oceanographer Sylvia Earle that led them into this aquatic dreamscape. Sylvia works with her team of females named Aqua-Babes who were the first group of aquanauts to explore the ocean floor in a submarine station.

The oceanic inspired garments are a true testament to their perfection in craftsmanship with macramé embroideries on structural lines. With a palette of the sea creature’s habitat from corals, aqua greens to cooling blue hues. It’s self-criticism that drives the duo to exceed their expectations each time and create something completely breathtaking each time.

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Achtland’s Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey