Who We Are

WHY Try (New) Things

WHYTT Magazine was born from our editor’s desire to push herself to try new things.
Why try exactly? Too often when we think of luxury, we think of world’s outside of our own grasp. Why does luxury just have to be about thresholds? When does it become more? It becomes more when we realise we have every right to try new things. When it is no longer just about the ownership – when it finally becomes a part of the experience of your life.

WHYTT Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine for the parvenu*. We understand that luxury transcends beyond the price attached and we want to share luxury with our readers from a new perspective. Focusing on emerging luxury alongside established brands, WHYTT Magazine will continue to harvest the diversity of talent across the globe, straight to our readers across both print and digital platforms.

What We Do

WHYTT Magazine covers a luxury lifestyle across the board with a broad focus on culture. We create a blend of aspirational features, intelligent journalism and a celebration of innovation.

Fashion: Our fashion team bring a mix of future fashion designers and emerging fashion labels, with a focus on sourcing International signature brands to feature in our editorials.

Music: We provide an opportunity for aspiring creatives to be featured and we interview some
of the creative industries newest stars and collaborations. We encourage and promote new music artists from around the world.

Interior Design: With our Media Partner Treniq, we bring to you some of the most contemporary design concepts in interior design, style guide ideas for your new home and awe-inspiring architecture to inspire your creativity.

All with the air of luxury, edgy chic.

*Parvenu: a person of humble origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity.