Palm Honey Live At ‘The Waiting Rooms’, London.


…One of the most experimental bands that you will ever encounter

Securing its reputation for being a great venue for live acts, The Waiting Rooms, showcase new and emerging bands in it’s underground basement section of the venue. Even with it being a very close-knit, intimate setting, the share capacity and robust features meant for an interesting and unexpected mix of engaged gig-goers. A great turnout for the ‘Untitled Recs’ Launch party Event, supported by emerging Indie, Pop, Psychedelic bands Famous, Horsey and Palm Honey, on the night.

Although the event promoted a great set of live bands, one band from the events line up, that warrants a discussion is without doubt Palm Honey. Joseph Mumford, Harrison Clark, Sebastian Bowden, Ayden Spiller, make up the Reading based quartet band that is Palm Honey. This band, has to be one of the most experimental bands that you will ever encounter, so be ready! With a love for the avant-garde, Palm Honey could easily be the direct epitome of this term; their intrigue stemming from the fact that just when you adapt to the melody and think you’re safe, you’re then forcibly shocked into a completely different direction, sound and emotion – an escapism of psychedelic, preternatural, dream induced, haze with progressive undertones. Which ironically, for this band, works!



…Establishing themselves as a unique approach to music

After being ushered in by their manager to formally meet the band, opening with their first song ‘I Can Try’, introduced the assumingly quiet and conservative vocalist Joseph Mumford’s, whose voice once belted onto the mic, transitioned from mouse to master and a mastered lead vocalist to say the least, leaving you in utter shock. Though, I am not sure if it was the over 6ft bass player, the vocalist, or the notion that if you took aspects of a member of Oasis voice, mixed it with the elements of the look of every member of the band blur (the cleaner cut millennial version of course), and threw in a subverted, experimental fusion. Or, if it was just the band combined, that made me realise through their set, this is “new”.


Full Image Credits: Harriet Brown and Flying Vinyl

From playing in pockets of small gigs to being featured in The Independent, as well as playing at this years Glastonbury festival, and other testmaker festivals, Palm Honey are slowly establishing themselves as a unique approach to music. And do not be fooled these guys are serious musicians.   Palm Honey have the ability to completely remove you from your comfort zone, but their sound is far too grand to be locked in a studio, with a click track pendulum to cue you into your part on the song. You have to experience them. But in all earnsty, Psychedelic music has a marmite effect, you either love it or hate it. Albeit, a great live band can not be faulted and if you manage to see Palm Honey live, you will appreciate the true quality of them as a live band and as performers. And you’ll leave fully aware that this may have been one of the coolest things, in its entirety, that you have witnessed – music being although core, one aspect, the band itself being where the magic lies.