A luxury home is like having a world on your palm and not only in the decorating and furnishing kind of way. The modern technology today allows you to have a home that you only admired in the science fiction movies. Moreover, the appliances and devices in your household can be energy efficient, which is important to those carrying about the environmental issues.

If you want to live in the complete luxury home, then, by all means, you must have some of the following gadgets.  

Listen to your refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home. The internet technologies, however, turned it into miracles of the modern and luxury homes. The smart refrigerator scans the barcodes or RFID and so it knows what type of foods and beverages you store in it. Because of this feature, it can tell you what ingredients you need to buy.

There are other amazing features as well, like a touchscreen interface, additional user-controlled cooling options and upload photos to display. It can sync a grocery list to your smartphone and notify you on the expiration dates for certain items. The great thing is that you can look up recipes and cast TV programs so you can watch them while in the kitchen.

secure door lock

Better secured doors

One of the main issues any homeowner has is the security. While there are various options to keep your home and property safe, smart locks will be an extra layer that will give you peace of mind.

Namely, through an app on your smartphone, you can make sure that you locked the door and alert you if anyone is trying to pick it. In addition, you can track who enters and leaves your home and you can even connect them to your smart doorbell. This is a great option if you feel uncomfortable leaving your keys with someone outside your household since when the bell is rung it will inform you who is at your doorstep.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you always admired the talking mirror from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, then you finally can have one. A smart mirror is a device that will keep you company while you put on makeup or simply stylize your hair. It will display content that you can control by your voice since it comes equipped with Alexa.

The mirror comes with already installed lights that you can also dim or intensify by your voice. Through established communication via the mirror, you can control other compatible smart devices in your bathroom.

woman making make-up near mirror

Smart air-conditioning unit

When it comes to air-conditioning units, the core rules stay the same. “It is amazing how much more comfortable and livable your space can become just by installing a new air conditioning unit,” says Clima Cool, one of the leading experts in the field. Moreover, this is something that applies to all types of devices the moment you turn them on in your home.

Nevertheless, what if you can do it remotely and come home to already cool place during those hot and humid summer days? Usually, the units have an option to set the timer that will turn them on or off. However, it is a little bit archaic feature and sometimes can be too simple in a way that you can set the time for “on” but not for “off” option.

The newest AC devices not only let you control this but also do everything you would do when at home via the smart technology in your units. With just a swipe on your smartphone, you can set your unit’s temperature, mode, fan speed and all other features it offers. Their design can also be elegant and sophisticated so that you would barely notice them at your home.

The Wall

When is the wall not a wall? Well, when it’s a MicroLED TV. This huge cinematic experience is true to its name since it is a 146-inch screen that will impress anyone who comes to your home. Nothing says luxury like a home theatre, and with The Wall, you can certainly have one.

The best thing about it is that allows you to choose the size of your display with some add-ons you can install. Instead of keeping it in the living room, you can install it at the appropriate distance from where you can comfortably watch it. In its usual spot in your living room, you can place a fireplace or a well-designed bar to serve your guests drinks.

wall smart TV

In the end

When you love luxury, you want to enjoy it in all things that surround you. Gadgets today are the technological wonders that don’t lack the design and features to help you with that. So, let your fridge take care of your diet, while you watch Netflix on you’re The Wall.