Young Rising Sons: A little Shot of + Whiskey –



While listening intently to the lyrics of ‘+Whiskey-‘ by the band Young Rising Sons, I’m immediately surprised as to how well they’re able to capture the essence of what it’s like to be ensnared by an addiction of someone or something that has cyclical push/pull effect on a person’s psyche, having lived through one of my own experiences a couple of years ago.

Until now, I hadn’t heard of Young Rising Sons myself, but I’m certainly glad that I’ve now been introduced to their music. They have such a cool and unique sound in ‘+Whiskey-‘ and it compliments very well with the underlying message of the lyrics within the song. The band itself is composed of bassist Julian Dimagiba, drummer Steve Patrick, and singer, songwriter, and guitarist Andy Tongren. The band’s origins began when Julian and Steve happened to stumble into a dive bar in the East Village of New Jersey. Here, they caught an acoustic set being performed by Andy. The two knew Andy was the missing piece of their puzzle that their band needed. The trio had instant chemistry and began touring around the New Jersey and New York City circuits.

It was a self-titled EP released under Interscope Records that catapulted them into playing to the world’s stage through placements in Toyota, Pepsi & Hulu commercials, trailers – like Universal Picture’s “A Dog’s Purpose”, the Guitar Hero video game, and ESPN broadcasts of NCAA Football.

The lyrics of ‘+Whiskey-‘ can mean many things to many people, especially to those who’ve been through an addiction of any kind. I have no doubts in my mind that anyone who’s survived an addiction can attest to the various allusions given throughout the song and just how difficult it can be to break the cycle; the cost of giving up an addiction or living with a toxin keeping them subdued.

According to the band directly, “+WHISKEY- is about addiction, whether it be a substance, activity, or another human. It’s easy for lines to blur and for your judgment to become distorted when you’re so dependent upon something. You fall into this push/pull routine where you can’t help but continue to come back to the source, no matter the misery it causes. +WHISKEY- is about the moment where you have to say yes.”