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Celebrated cuisine that you must try if you’re traveling down-under

Melbourne is celebrated as the foodie capital of Australia and for good reasons too. The metropolis is thriving on the culture of home cooking and eating out. In recent years, the culinary competition is going off the charts and eateries are constantly sprouting up.

One can stumble upon everything from a suburb hidden gem to city-center hip spots. What you need to navigate this vast maze of options is a roadmap and this guide will serve as one. So, get ready to use food as a portal to immersing in the city’s rich culture and history.

The whole wide world

Melbourne is a real melting pot of food and restaurant going is favorite pastime activity for tourists and locals alike. Pellegrini’s and Chin Chin are undoubtedly the cream of the crop, but these places are just a fraction of what Melbourne has to offer.

For example, Henry Sugar is the pinnacle of modern Spanish cuisine. Its chefs champion simple and rustic dishes, as well as innovative drinks. Rice Paper Scissors oozes a social vibe and encourages visitors to share meals and cocktail menus. Filipino BBQ Pork is a treat for meat lovers. The Roast Duck Inn, as the name suggests, specializes in roast duck, Chinese style. On the other hand, Matcha Mylk Bar elevates vegetarian dishes to art highs. They are a feast for the eyes and a heaven for taste buds.

There are also Ethiopian, Peruvian, Italian (World Pizza Champion 2014 still operates), Vietnamese, and new Aussie establishments worth noting.  Did we mention peculiar fusions such as Indian-Italian cuisine and café-restaurant hybrids in the league of Higher Ground? Well, there is just no end to exciting options.

Of course, Melbourne also has plenty in store for those seeking something that goes easy on the wallet. Many establishments exclusively prepare meals like soups, sandwiches, tacos, ice cream, salads, organic food, etc. And in the city center, you may want to visit the American Doughnut Kitchen— it is a famous street trailer offering classic donuts. Street food is alive and kicking!  

Culinary heartbeat of Australia

One thing Melbourne might be lacking is a truly authentic dish. However, it makes up for this shortfall with a near-limitless range of international food. Namely, there is a brimming day-to-night eating scene: atmospheric bars, working-class eateries, posh hipster cafes, state-of-the-art restaurants, Michelin-worthy chefs, etc.  

The Ultimate Food Tour is a good place to start exploring the culinary landscape. A seasoned foodie guides you through the most important spots and samples the goodies with you. Therefore, you are able to get a taste of trends, tastes, and talents shaping the food ecosystem.

And if you want to cook yourself, you need not worry. One of the main reasons is Queen Victoria Market: a true food institution that attracts nine million visitors each year.  One can buy groceries from fishmongers, butchers, and niche produce vendors, some of which are locals with long family traditions. There is a hub for all things food in Melbourne.

Liquid bliss

If you want to get your caffeine fix, you don’t have to look hard.

Streets are dotted with renowned cafes that offer quality brews. In fact, with spots like Hardware Societe scattered around, Melbourne has earned the title of café Mecca. Feel free to check out small espresso bars and homey intimate spots as well. They give you a chance to unwind and watch the world go by. Places like Tinker also have brunch, toasties, and lunch dishes.

Furthermore, you can enjoy exquisite wines that come in all aromas and flavors. I would personally recommend the Italian Spirit called Grappa, which is made from the promace of grapes. It is a marriage between old winemaking wisdom and modern distillation methods.  Pietro Gallo Estate is easily the best venue to sip this wine and soak in a striking suburban view while at it.

Finally, if a beer garden is more up your alley, you do not have to worry. There is no shortage of spots for camaraderie, chugging, and boisterous chatter.  It is time to embark on the foodie adventure of your life.


Melbourne is surrounded by hype and it certainly lives up to it. The city is a destination where food fantasies and dreams come true, an urban jungle teeming with delicious treats and bounties.

The scope of choice is mind-boggling: it seems as if though every corner has something to offer, be it excellent fresh produce, some of the best coffees on the globe, mouth-watering dishes, or complementary wines.  The opportunities abound and call for a strategic approach with a dash of spontaneity.