Jean Claude Jitrois, Timeless, Chic

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Photo Credit: RANKIN

To understand the designer Jitrois just take a brief look at the core of his brand vision: to create beautiful garments, that feel like a second skin, that accentuate the body (and brand) through the individuals that wear them. Innovative. Subversive. Luxurious designs. Providing quality throughout his collections.

Yet, the beginning of his career was in stark contrast to the success the eponymous leather label has become internationally known for today. Growing up in Aix-en-Provence in France, his father was enlisted into the French military air force shaping, which may be reason for his dedicated work ethics, Jitrois would then later go on to training as a psychologist, specialising in mental health; and publishing three books on the subject whilst teaching Psychomotility. It was not until the mid 1970’s that Jitrois made the gargantuan career shift and opened his first boutique, in the city of Nice. This leap into the world of fashion involved leather from the very early on in his career but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that Jean-Claude designed his first stretch leather garments.

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Photo Credit: RANKIN

Jitrois’s brand historically lends itself to being part of a stable of what we recognise as ‘iconic fashion labels.’ Becoming popular in the 70’s and 80’s for haute couture leather designs, seen both in high-profile ad campaigns and worn by the likes of legendary fashion icons Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett and Brigitte Nielson. The designer has also dressed, the perennially youthful beauty, award winning actress Gong Li with his fabulous creations. Fast forward to today, and obviously without losing his touch, Jitrois is an appointed Knight of Légion d’Honneur a widely respected French cultural accolade, one not to be sniffed at. The brand continues to create super-premium quality pieces, whilst maintaining and keeping focused on its integral brand values, and seen adorned on celebrity A-listers of today across the world, from the likes of Beyonce and Cara Delevingne to Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lopez.

The SS19 collection sees Jitrois collaborate with the legend that is RANKIN, founder of The Full Service and highly respected art director and photographer who understands his vision has used the full force of his creativity to bring the looks together, shooting the look book and all of the promotional material for this season’s collection. A collection reaffirming Jitrois’ multifaceted ability to create playful feminine looks through leather and simplicity. Jitrois explains, ‘They are designed to allow people to be glamorous and chic in the fast paced world of today. You can put them on and carry on with life, knowing that you look amazing. I think Rankin really understood this and captured a sense of effortless style in every single image.’

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Photo Credit: RANKIN

Jean Claude Jitrois’ brand has a proud legacy, one which has seen itself through fluctuating economies, and competitive markets. Essentially, the label’s simplicity is one of the key components to its longevity his story is interesting enough to publish – a tale of a self-made journey through some of the most defining eras of fashion. What will continue to reign supreme for this creative soul is how timelessness his work is, allowing his archive to be as relevant as the pieces he is designing now and will carry on into the wardrobes of future generations.