Feng-Shui exists to help you attract all good things to your life. Happiness and prosperity are some of them. Even though this practice is often seen as a traditional one, it can also be applied in modern and luxury homes. People are becoming estranged from themselves, those around them, and all things spiritual that essentially make them happy and give them peace. Feng Shui is a solution designed to repair that. Feng Shui gardens might be some of the most beautiful ones in the world and are a nice addition to your modern luxurious home. Whether you are planning on doing the work yourself or hiring a designer, there are several things you should know.


Qi (Chi)

Qi is the one term to encompass all the invisible forces which you cannot see but can certainly affect you. It includes sound waves, odors, bacteria, electricity, wind, heat etc. In 2018 you should be able to accept something called “the bad vibes” as the real thing affecting your psyche and stress levels. Many celebrities and successful business people have followed the Feng Shui path. This includes the current US president, Donald Trump who has even stated: “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui. I do it because it makes me money.” Regardless of your political beliefs, you have to agree that the man made a fortune. You want to prevent Si Qi or dead energy, as well as Sha Qi or evil energy, and attract and keep Sheng Qi, the good energy, around for as long as it is possible.

The Shape

The shape of your garden should be a rectangle, which is the case with most yards, so this is easily achievable. Shapes such as triangle, concave-convex, as well as, trapezoid are directly exposed to attacks of evil spirits. The rectangle is easy to organize, and it will easily protect you. There is no need to mention that your yard should be clutter-free.

The Fence

Look at the fence around your home. If the fence is less than perfect, it needs repairing or replacing. It is imperative that the fence is sturdy and nice to look at. The fence should be of a color other than white preferably green, red, or black. Also, it should allow for the air to circulate. If you enjoy privacy and you want to build a wall or a privacy fence around your home, use creeper plants to bring life to such fence. Honeysuckle is an excellent choice for your wall, it is a quick-spreading perennial of beautiful fragrance and gentle flowers.
The main focus of your fence should be the gate, similarly to the front door, the gate can be arched, with no above-head beam. The front gate should not be aligned with the front door and you should make sure that the path leading to it narrows down as it gets closer to your home. Make sure that your front yard is flat, with no stairs, or any sharp edges.

8 Tips to Feng Shui Your Garden


Avoid any plants that look aggressive. This includes anything with thorns and spikes. Plants with round leaves or even thick succulent leaves are very favorable and should find their place in your garden. Keep the trees to the sides and the back and keep them at about two-thirds of the house as that way they will not block the energy. You should avoid leaving too much empty space in sight both horizontally and vertically. Layering space with favorable plants of different sizes is the best way of keeping Sheng Qi flow through freely yet stay around for a longer period of time. Plant species which flower at different seasons to keep your garden colorful throughout the year. Regardless of how big the garden is, the Bagua energy map can be extended to it. The layering will help fill the empty space and make a large property feel more alive rather than looking like an average golf course.


Some of the most popular Feng Shui images feature a body of water with an arched bridge across it. This is something you can try to replicate. We are sure that this will soon become your favorite place in your garden. You can combine practicality with some of the Feng Shui principles. Running water is always better than still water. You could make a single system and have a fountain as a spring and have the water run through your backyard and the pond, down as a waterfall and into the swimming pool. This will attract good energy and prosperity. It will also give your pool a look you don’t get to see every day.


Lights and decorations

Lights famously attract Sheng Qi and if you have any areas you are worried about, you can repair them using lights. Try edging your home with lighting projects for better visibility and good luck. Also, a night led light in the southern corner of your garden will stimulate fire energy. If you are worried about your romantic life, you can enhance it by placing some lights in the west. When it comes to décor, go for beautiful flowerpots and perhaps even a statue. Make sure it is firm and robust but matching the scale of your garden. You can look into the chart of the five elements to see what each one of them prefers.

Deflecting Sha Qi and awaking Si Qi

If any of the parts of your garden point toward an area with potentially bad energy, you should try to block it out. You can use mirrors and have the beauty of your garden reflect in the place where the bad energy would otherwise come from. These “bad” places refer to institutions such as prisons, hospitals, or police stations, or any other particularly unsightly areas.
Si Qi will not do much harm apart from being passive and potentially tangling Sheng Qi. It is the reason why we recommended having “layered” gardens so there is always something going on.

The patio

One of the basic things to know about your patio is that it should be placed further away from your garage and your bins, as those are usually unclean areas. The bins should be blocked out by a screen or a hedgerow. Also, use a round table to make all of your guests feel equally welcome and important. In addition, if you have a fireplace or a barbecue, place it in the South, South-East, or North-East. Regardless of what you believe in, simple Feng Shui tips implemented in your garden could lead to a relaxing area and a pretty place for spending time with your friends and family. After a while, you will be able to feel the effects of the energy. Another positive side is that this energy will spread to increase your property value, and cater to a very specific, fortunate pool of potential customers.