Men’s Fashion Guide

Ah, spring! We’ve been looking forward to it with such intensity that – now that it’s here – we can barely believe it! Finally, with the winter being over, comes the time to shake off hibernation and get ready for this lovely weather.

The winter was cold and harsh, so bringing back your glow and looking your best in spring won’t come easy… that is – unless you do something about it. Don’t think that all the pampering (we’ll use the term loosely here given you’re a man and all) you did in winter was enough! After all, spring is totally different and our skin adapts to it differently.

Here, are a few tips that will help bring our sexy back and face in its finest:

Find a Good Face Cream


Like it or not, working a lot and being in the sun can damage your skin. You must use some kind of moisturizer or in a couple of years, you’ll regret all the treatments you’ve been skipping. Don’t think it’ll make you less of a man; taking care of your skin is your right as much as it is anyone else’s. Being rugged is manly as hell, however, is it really worth the risk of ruining your skin in the long run?

Use What You Have


Good news, your winter essentials can be reused, which means that you don’t have to throw away anything, nor do you have to spend a lot of money on new products. Spring can be quite harsh, and it’s still a long time ‘til summer. Get used to the transition period, though, and make sure you look as handsome as ever.

Cold or Not?


With winter out of the way, you might think it’s time to wear lighter clothes, right? Doesn’t have to be. Rock that sweatshirt style, and show everyone how fashionable you really are. Oversized is outdated, which is why you should pick models that fit you just right. Mind you, the weather can change rather fast, so don’t be surprised if you get too hot.

Don’t Forget Your Watch


You should never leave your home without a watch. Not only does it inspire confidence and punctuality, but, you’ll look like a man who means business. On the other hand, you’ll never be late again, which is also pretty useful. Remember, though, oversized watches are not in, go with something more serious and stylish. After all, you’re a man, not a kid anymore, and you should always dress to impress.

A Man Without a Suit…

Does your wardrobe feature at least one suit? If not, go out shopping immediately. For example, if you’re in preparations for a wedding, visit nearby shops or check out Joe Button because they make custom wedding suits in Sydney, pick a color, cut and style that you like and let them do their magic. There are more colors than just black, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You’d be surprised how good some colors can look on you, if you only give them a chance (hint: we love pairing light ocher with nude shades in spring).

Pick a Pair of Shoes Too


Your wardrobe is packed, but, do you have the right shoes? Finding a good pair takes time, and you shouldn’t rush it. Otherwise, your feet and posture will be at harm. Remember that you should combine your shoes with your suits to get the perfect combo whenever you need to go out.

Get Sunglasses Now


Hey, spring is at our doorstep which means one thing – awesome shades! Get a good pair of sunglasses, not only to protect yourself from harmful sunrays, but to look handsome wherever you are. Add a bit of mystery to your attire and secure that bad-boy look… girls will be all over you in no time. Add the spring sun to the mix – and you’ve got yourself a date, for sure!