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Bring your travels into your home design with these simple tips

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We all love to travel and if you say that you don’t then you are possibly lying to yourself. Why wouldn’t you love it?  Seeing the beautiful nature which may differ to the nature in your own country and exploring the different cultures around the world.

It is amazing. But if you’re still averse to traveling then this article will probably not be for you. But if you’re a travel enthusiast I can offer you something great! Why don’t you add some traveling elements to your interior design? This kind of alteration may help to prevent you from falling into a routine.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a dreamer with a bucket list of destinations still yet to be explored, what better way to express your love for adventure than through your own home. So let’s take a look at my tips on how to bring your travel life into your home design.


1. Vintage Suitcase Shelves


One of  the most popular travel decoration are vintage shelves. Yes, probably this decoration might be overwhelming for some people in their homes, but you can create your own design and define how you add them. And if vintage decorations are something you take an instant likely to, you can also get some added inspiration from GrafoMap Vintage Homes.

2. Travel Themed Art



Create custom map posters from your most favorite places or the travel spots where you had the most fun time while traveling. Not only do they add character but they are an added reminder of all the wonderful places that you have traveled to on constant display for people to marvel at. I also personally have a poster like this both in my office and my room

3. World Globe As A Bottle Holder



When I was a kid, I would always see this when we were visiting family friends and even my grandmother had this one. It’s an old idea but still is very trendy in 2019. You can even put glasses there. It is an interesting added element within the design of any main living space. Not only does add something nostalgic to your living space but it also is versatile in its functioning. And when you close it, you can’t even tell that it’s a bar.

4. Polaroid Photos


Although it is questionable how vintage this is? Because Polaroid photos have only been around for approximately 50 years and will not go anywhere any time soon. Even nowadays people love vintage photos like this. Adding them to your bedroom wall or maybe kitchen as a reminder my stir a love of polaroids again.

5. Compass Clock


This is probably more for those who like to be on the water or travel via ships, boats or yachts. Even without having an innate love for the water a wall piece such as this one looks very good in your home, particularly if above a focal point in the room like above  a fireplace for example.


As I say to everyone who asks for my tips –  You don’t have to buy everything I advise to you. These are just my ideas, that are inspired by my experiences and delights. They are just guides that I hope inspire you and help you to think of new ideas. So on good luck with your travels and be safe!