Dating a stylish, fashion-forward man can be difficult and stressful at times – not only can you feel too self-conscious about the clothes you choose to wear, but you might also feel pressured into looking a certain way just to match his general aesthetic. But even though there can be some setbacks along the way, being in a relationship with a charismatic and fashionable guy can also teach you a lot, not only about your style, but also about yourself. So, here are five tips for dating a fashion-conscious man:

1. Turn shopping trips into fun dates

Even though men are generally known for their reluctance to spend time in shopping malls with their partners, stylish men tend to enjoy shopping for hours trying to find that perfect piece. That’s why it might be a great idea to turn shopping trips into fun dates, going through stores together, and giving each other helpful tips to improve your personal style. Although looking at your boyfriend trying on hundreds of sunglasses to find the ideal pair might be boring at times, it’s still an experience you don’t really get to share with the average man, so take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Step up your lingerie game

A man who cares deeply about his appearance and the latest fashion tendencies is undoubtedly going to pay attention to every single detail. He’ll pair a colorful pocket square with a plain black suit to express his personality, he’ll combine his basic white sneakers with printed socks to add some interest, and chances are high he’ll be wearing men’s sexy underwear like something Cocksox offers every single day, because it boosts his confidence. So, take a cue from your stylish boyfriend and accessorize all of your outfits carefully, and more importantly, always wear comfortable yet sexy undergarments that truly make you feel like a million bucks

3. Give honest and helpful opinions

When you’re in a relationship a fashion-conscious man, he’ll often ask for your input when choosing an outfit. Chances are, he’ll ask you which suit fits him better and which one you like most, and you’ll honestly think he looks incredible in all of them. But instead of simply fishing for compliments, he genuinely cares about your opinion and wants to know what you have to say. So, no matter how hot you think your man looks in an outfit, always try to give him honest and constructive feedback when he asks for it, to help him advance his personal style even further.

4. Always listen to his advice

While any other guy might ignore you when you ask for fashion advice or just say you look fine no matter what you put on, a fashion-conscious man will give his honest opinion and constructive criticism every time. However, be mindful of the fact that the answer to the classic ‘Do these jeans make me look fat?’ question might not always be what you’d hoped. Whatever the case may be, just keep in mind that such a stylish man that cares about fashion is always going to be truthful with you when it comes to your outfit choices, as he wants you to look like the best version of yourself in the clothes you choose to wear – so listen to him.

5. Don’t let it bring you down

Even though a man who has a great sense of style is always attractive, going out with someone who arguably dresses better that you can put a lot of pressure on anyone, and even completely ruin your confidence, making you feel extremely nervous and worried about how you dress and look when you’re next to him. But just because you’re dating a fashionable man that loves to follow the latest trends, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style for the sake of dressing as nicely as he does. As long as you wear what you love, and what feels most comfortable, you will start exuding confidence, and you will look even better together, as a chic and stylish couple.

While many women have to struggle with persuading their boyfriends not to wear jeans to a formal event, you’re lucky enough to date a fashionable man who likes to look sleek and polished at all times. It’s an incredible gift that should truly be cherished and enjoyed.