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5 Things you Must do in Sydney While Traveling Solo

as one of the world’s most precious and wildest gems, Australia is a continent rich in culture, natural resource, and above all adventure. If you are a keen solo traveler this is the country that you simply must explore, and Sydney is the place made to be explored and investigated on your own. Since Sydney has numerous things to offer for solo travelers, it is hard to rule out a few things that you could do and experience in this magnificent town and not get too overwhelmed with the things you might not see or do. Nevertheless, these 5 things are designated to be done and experienced when going solo.

1. Delve into the marvellous beaches

This sunny and vibrant city is ideal for people looking for some fun time and collecting perfect travel memories. And there is no better way to start off you solo travel in Sydney than by hitting off to one of the famous beaches. Bondi and Coogee Beaches are the best places to feel the ocean and connect with the bustling city and weather. Take the famous Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk and experience the utterly breathtaking sandstone cliffs, white sand, dazzling blue waters and frisky cafe’s. The coastal walk is totally safe for a solo walk, only if you wish to go for a swim, do that on a public patrolled beach. Aussies favorite pass time is the surfing, so make sure that you experience that as well because nowhere else on the planet will you be able to see that fantastical waves and have a chance to learn to surf with pros.

Inquire the sensuous Rocks district

2. Inquire the sensuous Rocks district

Besides your backpack, bring a pair of quality running shoes and get prepared to explore this historical Sydney Harbor’s district. The Rocks is the oldest part of the town and home to innumerable casual and fine dining restaurants, whiz pubs, and historical colonial buildings and churches. Here you can take beautiful photos of the harbor, Opera House and the bridge, taste local delights and alone explore the scenic alleys and sip craft beer. However, even if we are sure that we have everything taken cared off, you can never get too prepared for your travels an unexpected surprise can happen round the corner even in this charming historic district. For that reason, you should detailedly study public liability claim for Australia in order to assure your solo travel goes without stress and problems.

3. Roam around the Royal Botanical Gardens

Roam around the Royal Botanical Gardens

If you are a passionate lover or flora and fauna, strolling to the Royal Botanical Gardens is the activity you mustn’t miss. The gardens were opened in 1816, and on a stunningly shiny day, you can see plenty of locals enjoying in the sun and walking pass the lushing flowers. These gardens are just spectacular. Alongside the luxurious greens, you will be welcomed with quiet ponds and gentle fountains that create a serene atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and quick pause of the other Sydney’s hectic tour. Next to taking a break, you can have a picnic, try yummy ice cream, and indulge in some of the Gardens’ tours. The Botanical Gardens offer an Aboriginal Heritage tour where you could see how this one-of-a-kind land has been created and truly have an eye-opening experience.

4. Visit the Blue Mountains

Whoever steps into the adventure of traveling solo, they need to see some of the real natural wonders of the country. The Blue Mountains offer, first of all, the remote sense of complete tranquility, and the enlivenment off all your senses. Due to its close proximity to Sydney, the tour gives any solo traveler a chance to see the dramatic canyons, impressive waterfalls, eucalyptus trees, and hidden caves. Even though this is the must-see destination, you shouldn’t go on a hike on your own, due to many natural and unknown obstacles. Besides seeing the magnificent rock formation called the Three Sisters, which should be witnessed at sunset, a tour walk offers the possibility to hike along Katoomba Falls and Grand Canyon Walk.

Satiate your curiosity

5. Satiate your curiosity

Sydney is also known for having a lot of vivacious markets and places where you can feel the local cuisine and explore culinary treats. Since traveling is a powerful life lesson, you should feel free and indulge your senses into trying multiple specialties and cookery delights. If you take a short walk down the Darling Harbor and the Maritime Museum, you will see the amazing display of freshly caught seafood at Sydney Fish Markets. And nowhere else on the planet will you have the chance to try such a vast variety of different seafood. Then, the seasonal markets such as Paddington Markets at Oxford Street and flower market on Parramatta Road, offer every travel a chance to taste local produce and buy some eclectic local handicrafts as a loving memory of your solo travels.

This list offers you a slight insight into what Sydney has to offer. But it is only a mere beginning, since Sydney has much much more to offer, and there are no words that could really explain what is installed for any visitor.