The best ways to get the gifts they want and need

baby shower

If you have a baby shower to go to, picking the perfect present may be hard, especially if you didn’t ask the parents what they need. If you have no idea, the best thing you can do is to stick to some of the items from our suggestion list, and you won’t make a mistake. After all, you can always add something more, or at least, get inspiration for something else.

Practicality is your friend

Although the basic things like diapers, bottles, baby monitors, formula, or stuff like that may not be the most interesting gifts, they are certainly practical, and you can be sure the parents will use them. You can make a fun gift out of these items by making a diaper cake, and throwing some extra presents in there, like a bib, a bottle, a pacifier, or something similar. You can also get baby shampoo, lotion, and those skincare products. Even if the parents already bought stuff like that, they will still need it again, so you can’t really go wrong. 

The other obvious choice-clothes

Many people decide on buying clothes as a baby shower gift, and it is again a safe choice. You can go with some of the basic things like socks, hats, or onesies. If you want to make this gift a bit more unique, nerdy onesies with different captions or prints are a great choice. They are a cool gift, and you can even let your imagination go wild and go print a fun caption of your own. The only thing you should think about is that the child will grow fast, so it is a good idea to go one size up to make sure they get to wear it. First walking shoes, jackets, dresses, and shirts are also a good choice.

Go all out

If you want to go all out and spend a bit more for a baby shower gift, a bassinet, a car chair, a feeding chair, a swing, or an electric car are amazing gifts. Firstly, you are going to help the parents a lot, since this is something they would have to get eventually. If it seems a bit too expensive, you can make a deal with other friends and everybody can chip in to buy a joint gift. Since these are all expensive gifts, it is best to check with the parents in advance or get advice from someone who knows about that stuff.

Sentimental presents

The birth of a child is a happy moment for both family and friends, and it is something that many people will cherish. If you want to step away from those practical gifts, you can get some of the ones that are going to stay as a beautiful memory. One example is the baby’s first album, where parents can put pictures as the baby grows. One more interesting idea is to get decorative clay where the parents can trace the baby’s hand or footprints. Last but not least is a book of fairytales or stories they can read to them before bed. Make sure you include a nice dedication card as well. 

Nursery necessities

The future parents are probably decorating the baby’s room right in time for the baby shower. If you know their taste, you can get them a nice children’s poster or mural for the wall, which will make the room even more beautiful. Baby blankets or sheets for the crib are also great. If you are feeling extra creative, you create a customized wind-up toy that goes over the crib. Bins, combs, or storage boxes are also a useful gift you can’t go wrong with. 

The suggestions we have listed are fashionable, and they leave enough space for you to be creative. If you don’t really have a clear idea in your head, these basic items are a safe choice you can’t go wrong with.